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Official Community Plan

Our Official Community Plan enables growth and change through policies that will guide the municipality with its development-related decisions to ensure the area develops as intended by the Plan under an established decision-making process. This Plan will encourage a stronger, creative and more cohesive Municipality that can, through improved regional links, manage change towards a desired future by increasing regional capacity.

Appendix B Reference Maps

View all background maps for R.M. of Estevan #5:

Recreational Amenities Map

Resources Extraction Map

Environmentally Sensitive


Endangered Species

Habitat Map

Utilities Map

Airphoto & Drainage Map

Environmentally Sensitive

Areas 2

Estevan Airport Flight Maneuvering & Approach Areas

Transportation Map

Elevation & Drainage Map

Aquifers System




Heritage Potential

Hillshade & Drainage Map

Critical Wildlife

Habitat Map

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