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Economic Development 

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Why the R.M. of Estevan?

The R.M. of Estevan surrounds the City of Estevan and is known for its power generation, coal mining, agriculture, manufacturing and oil and gas industry. Our Municipality is also home to the world’s first commercial carbon capture and storage project- SaskPower’s Clean Coal Power generating plant worth $ 1.44 billion. We are located in Saskatchewan’s southeast corner with efficient highway transportation access to Canadian and US markets.


The R.M. of Estevan has two industrial parks with several commercial businesses. The industrial parks border the City of Estevan on the east and west sides of the municipality; with access to the highway and are close to the North Dakota border. This makes for prime locational opportunities for agricultural and resource related industrial development within the RM of Estevan. 


The East industrial park has developable commercial lots for sale that access the highway bypass to suit many types of commercial businesses and with truck stop stations in close proximity.


We are committed to local economic growth and prosperity. We also work closely with the City of Estevan to develop, sustain and strengthen the local economic development in our communities. 


The R.M. of Estevan is always ready to work with developers to meet the community’s goals and needs. 

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Organized in 2020, the RM of Estevan, RM of Coalfields and Town of Bienfait formed SSEP (Southeast Saskatchewan Economic Development Partnership), a collaborative partnership exploring opportunities and prosperity.  

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